Reattaching floor tiles

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Aug 27, 2010
San Antonio, Tx
I have several floor tiles starting to come up at the corners.  I push down on them and they stay for a while but then begin raising again.  They are approximately 12x12.  What type of adhesive do you recommend to reglue them?  The tiles themselves are in pretty good shape.  I think the adhesive just may be getting old.  MH is 7 years old but I don't know if the tiles are original.  It is in an area just to the right of the steps into the coach where the lounge/recliner sits.  I don't know if temp/humidity from the door is part of the cause.  No water issues.  Really don't want to look at replacing the floor since the tiles are all in pretty good shape.  I want to make sure I don't use something that won't come up if ever I do want a new floor.
Try a little contact cement. apply to both surfaces let dry then push it down. a little weight on top for a while won't hurt either.

3M makes a good spray on adhesive found at most any auto parts store. Spray both sides as other reply and you can pull them up at a later date. Regular paint thinner sparingly on a small cloth will remove any residue. It appears ,as I have seen many times when replacing customers home floors, dirt gets in cracks and works the adhesive loose. You might try a tile joint sealer that matches your color tile.
What is happening: the edges have lost their adhesive properties due to dust and dirt. Take a hair dryer, warm the tiles, and with a steady up motion, remove the tile. and clean the area super clean. use contact cement with a small brush- and like said above- let it dry to the touch and reinstall it.
Thanks to all for the info and especially Ernie for the detailed steps.  If I ever do get new flooring, I will be contacting you Ernie.  I have seen the great work you do on your website and read all the praise from forum members.

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