Recommendation for stationary satellite HD dish

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chuck nelson

New member
Mar 7, 2006
I am trying to dig through a lot of double-talk I have gotten from both Winegard and KVH concerning which RV dish I should buy...

This is what I want...Dish 500 reception, stationery automatic setup, automatic switching between the two Dish satellites, for use
with my Dish Model 811 HD receiver.

Winegard's website states that several of the their dishes are compatible with my needs...but then states that I need their
dual satellite switch option.  I talked with a Winegard Tech...he stated that NONE of their dishes presently will work automatically with my 811 receiver, but that they hoped to have a new 'automatic' model out by the end of 2006.

KVH's website states that several of their units will work automatically with my 811 unit...but again the website, further on, states
that I will need to purchase their dual switch option.

When the website spec sheet states that the unit has 'automatic switching and is compatible with Dish 500' that really true or do I have to add on the 'manual dual satellite switch anyway?

I have discussed this issue with two local RV dealers and Camping World...they all have stated that they have no idea which
satellite dish unit is truly compatible and automatic with my Dish Net setup.



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Feb 1, 2005
Check out the Motosat MD500, it's Dish 500 capable and should work with any receiver.


Jan 13, 2005
I have a Motosat automatic/stationary dish for sale, but it requires the purchase of a controller. I bought the dish from another forum member who upgraded to a HD system, but have not installed or used it.

It's in my garage, but we won't be home for another 10 days. If interested, send me an email (click on the envelope icon under my name/avatar).
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