Rehoboth Beach, DE campground?

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Oct 8, 2005
Could you please recommend a good campground in this area? We are in a pop-up so we need bathroom facilities, etc. Three Seasons Camping is now closed for good. We understand that was a nice one. Have any of you tried Holly Lake Campground? Thanks for your help! Happy Independence Day!


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Aug 19, 2006
We stayed at a campground this year that is off Rt 301, I don't remember the name but if you do a search you will probably find it.  It is new, and not far from Frontier Town.  It sits on a large lake.  It has full hookups except for the cable.  Reception on TV was not great one channel, but overall it was has nice large sites that are gravel.  We liked.  If you have problems finding it, let me know and I will see if If can find the name.  3 Seasons was the best.
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