Rent a room or downgrade to an Econoline?

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Jun 3, 2022
You have a choice, go to the college in a place that you can't afford to live in. Or apply to another college in a place that you have researched that you can afford to live in. Like someone once told me, there is more than one college.


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May 12, 2021
Westminster, CA
Since this RV does not save money... I do find its recreation in an odd way. It's not just nighttime honks or police knocks. I also found some pleasure in small moments:

1. Discovered that by sitting in Walmart hours before I leave, I can always get stuff I forgot instead of chagrined at home.
2. Found that I can print anything anytime. No more anxiety about forgetting to bring something before I go to the postal office to file some documents.
3. Never ever had diarrhea and can't find a restroom.
4. Parking in the wilderness but still have access to 4G to write a college essay, and felt that "the best story starts at the end of the map."
5. Sense of accomplishment and joy when I designed and implemented the solar RV system. Amazed when the mini-split runs 24/7 under 95F weather.. this is a dream come true...
6. Thinking about RV and Capitalism, the future of the human(how real estate exploits people, some landlords can collect rent forever, and so on). How technological advances can put an end to exploitation. Imagine cheap and large batteries, high-efficiency solar panels, and starch that can be synthesized from carbon dioxide in the air. I might be able to write a sci-fi novel about it someday.
7. Thinking about the design of the future RV, burning off garbage and feces by electricity, purifying emissions with platinum catalysis, etc.
8. It has its own bathroom, toilet, and kitchen, it's somewhat superior to a rented bedroom given I have a good parking place.
9. It is fun just to watch everything work!

On the other hand, I know my RV failed to save money and distracted me from studying. But I can't help it
at my age, I found that #3 is the best thing about owning and traveling in an RV.


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May 15, 2020
NorthCentral Florida
I'm exploring all the possibilities. Including selling my RV, but I'm listing it for $29k and no one is even asking.

$25k is the absolute minimum required to build one like this.

You never get more out of a project than you put into it unless the project is something rare.

But on the other hand, do I really have the time to drive an Uber? I'm not even sure I could survive at UCI. Also, If I stop spending on random stuff and everything goes well (which means I get paid for the internship and get financial aid), I will need to do no Uber.

I'm planning to go to Rowland Heights as early as possible. I can still adjust over the summer if problems arise.

You seem to have resources and you seem determined. Do not get distracted by all these schemes and dreams. Stay focused on school and get done. It's so easy to get knocked off path.

I have a 32 year old niece dropped out after 2 and has loans. Her brother is 30 and has like 3 classes left, has dropped out and yet to restart - plenty of loans...
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