Repair Snow loading damage to Roof

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Feb 12, 2006
I have a Aerolite Cub 23T Hybrid TT, 2000 model.  I bought it used in the South and brought it to New Jersey last winter.  As soon as we got here we got socked with a big storm and put 8-12" of  snow on the roof. The roof now has a very slight bow in it from the center (front side of AC unit) forward on the roof.  When we started camping I noticed that it collected water the roof.  It DOES NOT LEAK yet, but I am afaid it will start to.  I leave it stored with an RV cover and at a slight downward angle on the front so water runs off, but when we are camping and level, I dip it after rains to get rid of the water.  It even collects water from the AC condensation runoff during humid summer weather.  It does not hold more than 2 or 3 gallons, but bothers me none-the-less. I had considered putting a jack on the floor with a pole and a thin piece of thin plywood on top to distribute the load and jacking slowly to see if I can straighten it back out.  Does anyhone have any suggestions short of a repair facility and big $$? Is my Jack idea viable?  I am assuming that since my TT is an ultra light (3600 lbs dry) that it is probably framed in aluminum rather than wood?


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Sounds to me as though your trailer got "lite" by leaving out some of the roof trusses. 8-12 inches of snow in one storm isn't all that much of a load - the roof should be strong enough for you to walk up there, which is probably in the same weight per sq ft range.

I would be very leery of jacking - you risk tearing the roof structure away from the sidewalls.  That wasn't a problem going down, but with the direction of the pressure reversed, who knows what will give first.

2-3 gallons of water sounds like a substantial dip in the roof, but if it is a broad and shallow area I wonder if maybe you could just fill it with a rubber roofing coat compound to bring it up level enough so that water does not pool there? Liquid, paint-on rubber roof repair materials are available through Rv shops and also fro hardware stores in areas where there are lots of mobile homes and also available online.
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