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Oct 9, 2018
Hello and Happy New Year everyone,

We have a 2018 Keystone Springdale Summerland 3030BH travel trailer.  We bought it in a private sale - through my cousin actually - and they had bought it brand new a few months prior.  The trailer is wireless camera ready and we bought it with a Furrion wireless backup camera already installed.

Unfortunately the seller misplaced the monitor/receiver at some point, so all we have is the backup camera installed on the trailer but no monitor.  Is it possible to buy a non-Furrion replacement monitor that would be compatible with that camera?  I'm not familiar with the details of how the monitors receive those signals or if you're somehow able to take a different company's monitor and pare it to the camera.

I've tried contacting Furrion directly but they said they recently upgraded their camera system model (we have a model prior) and no longer make or sell that monitor alone.  Even if I can't find a monitor by itself for sale and had to buy a cheaper wireless camera system package as a whole just to get the monitor I'd consider that.  These Furrion systems are over $400 and I already have a working Furrion camera hooked up so I wouldn't buy a whole new Furrion system.

And I'm not sure whether this Keystone trailer is compatible with any other back up camera or how difficult it would be to install a different company's system.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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Apr 16, 2014
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