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Ernie n Tara

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May 16, 2009
Ft Myers, FL
Has anyone replaced a Norcold 1211IM refrigerator with a residential refrigerator. If so, what fit well?

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
What fits depends on your model & floor plan as well as existing installation style, e.g. on-floor vs raised platform, height to ceiling,  location within the floor plan (what is opposite or adjacent), and the style of fridge you like (top/bottom freezer, side-by-side, etc).  I've seen some fit in a 21 or 24 cu ft model, while others are happy to squeeze in a 10.5 cu ft. 

A Search should turn up several topics on residential conversions (I did one on my Norcold 1200 to GE 14.4 cu ft model). I could have used a 15.5 cu ft model if I had just 0.5" more space for the doors to swing out.

In general, a cabinet depth model is good (fits shallower), but you can use a standard depth if you have enough room in front of the fridge. Likewise, many like double (French) door because less space is needed for door swing, but you still need room for a pull-out freezer in most such becsue only the fridge is double door unless it is a side-by-side model.


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Mar 11, 2011
Bronson FL

I just did this.  Several things to take into account.

1.  RV front Door width, research the depth with the fridge doors removed and compare that to your door width.
2. How your current fridge is mounted.  Mine, like most was mounted off the floor, some models use that space to for furnace vents, wire runs, or plumbing lines.  You need to know if that space is available.  I was able to remove all the frame work and set the new residential on the floor.
3. Is your fridge location on a slide, much easier if not.
4.  As Gary mentioned, then it all boils down to careful measuring.  Getting thru the RV front door limit will almost certainly ensure that it fits depth wise.  Then height and width, and lastly door swing.  Check them all.  Weight is not too much of an issue from what I have learned, pretty much equal, within a few pounds.  My new fridge is 1 pound more then the RV fridge.

I and several others have used the Samsung RF18.  From what I can see comparing the specs to your Norcold, you are good on width and depth, but short on height.  You will need to find out what is under your Norcold and see if you can recoup some of that space.  You are 5 inches short on height.  65.1 vs. 70.1.  I am not sure how hard or expensive it will be to find that short and wide a residential fridge.,116280.msg1051938.html#msg1051938 
This video is not me, and the guy is a little dry but an example of how it was done.
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