Replacing accordion-style day night shades with roller privacy shades

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Nov 9, 2018
Molalla, Oregon
HI All, I have a newbie question.

I've lost my patience with our accordion-style day/night shades. I had to re-string them once (which was a pain) and now another shade has gone bad again.

I plan on replacing them with the roller-style night shades. The ones that are designed specifically for RV's are more expensive and take a long time to deliver. Is there any reason NOT to order shades designed for bricks/stick houses? I might be missing something obvious, but don't see the benefit of order RV-specific shades.

Thanks in advance.


Aug 12, 2022
I have been down your same path And feel your pain.
I bit the bullet and purchased the rv specific roller shades and would never do it again. Most of my windows have dual roller shades. A night shade and a filtered sun shade. Problem is not enough room for either shade to work correctly. My bedroom has single roller shades that work perfectly.
Save the money and buy the regular roller shades. They will work just fine.


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Oct 6, 2017
50 miles south of Atlanta, GA
I bought shades for the motor home from United Shade back in about 2017. Since then, United sold most of the shade business to MCD, but MCD still carries the shades I bought. They have a extruded alumimum valance that can be covered with virtually any fabric (the fabric is held in place with screen door spline) and the two shades stack on top of one another. It made for a perfect installation in the motor home.

i did not have any existing valances so this design was the best/easiest possible.

Impulse roller shades


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