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bill dane

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Jan 6, 2009
After 14 years fulltiming with a Dometic 10 cu ft refrig. , fiinally installed a res one.  Was advised to turn it off while on the road.  Need opinions on having it on or off while traveling.  Thanks

Bill Dane  99 CC  Allure

Bill we have done it both ways.  But mostly we leave it on while traveling.

If we are boondocking and turn off the  inverter at night, the frig only loses a few degrees and is fine for an overnight.

Congrats.  I'm sure you will love the extra space and reliability of a res frig.
    Thanks for the information.  Raymonda can now have ice cream!

Bill Dane    99  CC  Allure
Out of curiosity, can you say who told you and why you think they wanted you to know that?

While we don't boondock like the Brewer's, ours is always on, and our inverter and batteries manage it quite well. We have yet to lose a degree of temperature, even in an eight hour travel day. And this is not a small refrigerator.

We echo Betty's comment about the space and reliability - we were going to buy one for the old coach, after talking to the Brewer's, and did! Conveniently, it came with a new coach, too!  Great sales pitch! 8)
    The refrigerator was purchased at Home Depo in Brandon, mississippi.  The man in charge of that department has a RV, but has the LP reefer.  Did not question him about it as as I prefer to ask this group of actual users.  We do boondock most of the time.  Running 6 Trojan , 4 solar panels , and a new Magnum pure sine wave.  Also use a Honda 2000i when just charging the batteries.  Still need to come up with a solution to lock the doors when traveling.  Will be headed to Colorado this coming Tuesday.

Bill Dane
99 CC  Allure
Small world - my wife's from Meridian, and we just left there!

The doors can be an issue. We have a drawer freezer and the inertia in a turn sometimes will allow it to open but we don't have the problem with the doors. Not sure how to solve that one. Maybe some kind of curtain rod that is spring loaded?? Maybe post the model and someone who has one can speak to a solution?
There is an entire thread regarding securing residential refrigerator doors on the Beaver owner's forum. The thread is here and you can read it as a guest.

There a number of ideas. Almost all of them for Samsung units.


edit:fixed link to point to thread. -LS
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