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Jan 13, 2005
Many folks have sold the ranch, bought an RV, and are living full time on the road. For some, this is an opportunity to see places they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see, or a desire for a different lifestyle free of the encumberances of a fixed home. For others it might be an economic necessity.

Before abandoning their comfort zone and jumping into an entirely different lifestyle, there are many considerations, choices, and tradeoffs that folks face when making this decision, such as:

  • Will individuals or couples be able to live or coexist in relatively confined quarters? Discuss it here
  • Choosing an appropriate RV that fits the budget.
  • Do they make RVs for full time living? Find out here
  • Have you saved enough money to enjoy the lifestyle?
  • Are the costs of living in an RV really lower, given the cost of fuel, campsite fees, ongoing maintenance costs, and the depreciating value of an RV? Discuss it here.
  • Can the costs be offset by working on the road (aka workcamping)?
  • Finding and choosing between insurance options which are different for fulltimers than part time RVers.
  • How will folks get necessary medical treatment &/or fill prescriptions for medications while traveling?
  • Will Medicare coverage continue while RVing in Canada or Mexico, or will you need supplemental insurance? Here's some discussion.
  • How will mail be received while continuously on the move?
  • The ability to keep in touch with family and friends and to get online without a fixed phone line or cable connection. These include wireless connections and satellite internet. Are they able to piggyback on someone else's internet connection (aka freeloading) using WiFi?
  • Dealing with personal finances, banking, and paying bills on the road. Check out the discussion.
  • Do you need a living will? Check out this discussion
  • As folks age, will ill-health, loss of mobility, or inability to drive force an unintended end to this lifestyle?
  • What about those precious memorabilia? Should they be put in storage, or left with a relative for safe keeping?
  • Should you take your pet along? Check out this discussion.

What other considerations face would-be fulltimers?
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