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Jan 29, 2013
Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hopefully this is the right place for the question(s). i moved up from a 20 ft prowler travel trailer to a 25 ft with a slide out. on my first trip i could not back into a camping spot with just a slight incline. and my rpm gage never went higher than 1500.i tried lower gears and 4wd in low and high with the pedal to the metal at times; i am using a suburban 1500 z71-4wd 5.7L engine. weight of the trailer is 6700lb. no problems going foreward. and had no problems with the 5000 lb. 20ft trailer in reverse. Is this a vehicle power problem or the computer not letting me push the trailer in reverse to keep from damaging the transmission? any help with this would be great..thanks
Do you have surge brakes on the new trailer?  I've heard of the surge brakes activating when trying to back a trailer up a hill.  This can lock up the trailer brakes, making it impossible to push the trailer up the hill in reverse.
The reverse gear is plenty low for handling any sort of grade, so I think you have some sort of problem. There is nothing normal that would prevent backing a load like that. Consider the possibility that the trailer brakes were locked somehow.

Have you tried backing the truck up a grade without the trailer?  If no grade handy, maybe try (carefully) backing against something that would resist  (a stout wall or a tree) to see how it acts under load?
I agree, sounds like a surge brake system on the trailer.. In this type of system the trailer brakes are activated not by a controller in the cab of the tow vehicle but by a "Master Cylinder" (or some other means but usually they are hydraulic) built into the hitch assembly.

There is some kind of pin or latch on it to lock it out when backing as if the tow vehicle is PUSHING on the trailer, that activates the brakes.

It is a good system.. So long as you lock it out when you back up.
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