Rewarding lakeside PDI

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Jun 28, 2005
Boise, Idaho
The wife, Blk Lab and I took off for four days of boondocking at a local mountain lake, found a great secluded lakeside site and set up for our stay. 
The following morning, a young family showed up in a new 26" class C.  As usual, we watched them pull in and start setting up camp.  I saw the husband going in and out, trying to deploy the awning, and opening and closing various outside compartments.
About 30 min later, he came over to our camp and asked me if could look at something for him.  Apparently, they didn't have any 12v service to any of the lights, fans, radio etc.
The wife was pouring over the supplied operators manuals when I came inside.
He wasn't sure where any of the service panels were so I opened one below the fridge and found the fuse panel.  None of the fuses had been installed.  They were in a small zip-lock bag taped to the inside of the locker.  I installed the fuses in their respective holders and we tried all of the 12v systems...surprise, they all worked.
He also told me that they couldn't get any power from the gen set.  I opened the door the the shore power locker and found that the power cable wasn't plugged into the on-board receptacle...started the genny and voila...power.
Another problem was no hot water....(winter bypass set to bypass).

Anyway, I found out that the local RV dealer didn't do a PDI with them due to all of the salesman being away for a show and they agreed to take the unit and come back later in the week for a walkthrough.  They wanted to really take off and decided to have a shakedown and try it all out by themselves.

I spent another hour with them going over the fridge operation (gas vs elect.), Microwave/AC switch, dumping procedure, leveling, etc.

They thanked me over and over.
Later that evening, he and his wife came over bearing gifts...great Elk steaks marinated in a pepercorn sauce along with a nice bottle of wine.
A nice couple and an enjoyable time being able to assist in their first RV trip.
Did I mention that the fishing was also great?


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Jan 22, 2006
Makes for great times and making of new friends with situations as such.  Great to hear.
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