RF Mogul Skew gear

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Mar 6, 2005
Four Corners Area of Colorado
Has anyone replaced one of the Skew gears.
During search it would end up stopping while doing the skew adjustment.
So I opened the unit where the skew gears are and found one of the gears was missing 2 teeth,
I called and was sent a replacement gear.
I went back up & installed the new gear but now the skew is way off.
The last pic is the dish position when I try to stow the dish.
Currently waiting for RF Mogul to get back to me I figure it won’t br until be Monday.


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Are the gears plastic or metal?
If plastic a Good 3-D Printer person with a scanner (I DO NOT HAVE A SCANNER) can likely make an STL file and then slice, dice and print... I'd not be surprised to find companies who can do it. If you find one have 'em scan all the gears just in cuss and give you the STL files on a thumb drive.
If metal

A Machinist can duplicate.. Had it done once for a piece of hardware that liked to wear out gears.

Macinists are... amazing.
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