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Roamin Estate

Sep 27, 2012
We're not roaming yet, but plan to start next summer. Hello,all! We just bought a class C, a 2010 24' Winnebago Chalet. I vaguely remember telling my husband we should get a 26 to 28 footer with at least one slide-out, but then he found one on Craigslist, great price, low miles, not quite as big, oh yeah sorry, no slide, but look at the price! And then we were signing papers.  My head was spinning and I was feeling slightly swindled until we drove it from Anchorage to Juneau - then I fell in love. What a way to road trip! Gosh, don't feel like driving all the way to Tok? No problem, there's a pull-off, we can stay there! No place to eat? Well let me cook something ON OUR STOVE or make a sandwich from somtething IN OUR FRIDGE, the one we're DRIVING WITH!! I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but for now it's pretty cool.

I'm retiring from the Coast Guard next summer and we're going to do one final tour of the beautiful state of Alaska before heading across Canada and down to Pennsylvania. We're starting all sorts of small projects (mostly cosmetic - everything is pretty new, but it's also really brown. Different shades of brown, sure, but really quite brown. I need color), and this forum has already been a lot of help. 

I'll stop before my intro turns into an even lengthier book. Thanks for all your help already!  See you on the road...
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