Rock guard for front of truck

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Jan 1, 2007
Good Day,  We are planning a trip out west this year. A fair bit of  towing our 5th wheel will be on gravel roads.
1- Is there anything I can do to protect the front of the truck(grilll ,lights, rad),something I can remove & store. & do I really need something like this? We will be travelling through the northern States to Montana (Glacier Park) then back into Canada, over Rogers Pass, Calgary,Edmonton,NWT,Yukon,Alaska,Prince Rupert BC,  Jasper to Banff Ab then Home to Ontario.
2-Do I need to protect the front of the 5th wheel? Does a skirt on the rear of the truck work well & is the grass type better than the solid type,& is there any other options? I do have Fairly big mud flaps on the truck
3-I am open for any sugestions Have a great Day
Thank You


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Feb 1, 2005
We used a product called Transit Shield on our towed when we went to Alaska this past summer.  See here for details.  It worked well to keep the mud off and avoid chips from small stones.  The skirts tend to throw up stones and I don't think they are of any advantage.  I would put the Transit Shield on the front of the trailer instead.

You will enjoy your trip, we sure did.
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