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May 30, 2019
Manteca Calif
I went on my roof, cleaned it about six months ago and now I go back up there and I find delamination in a few areas, Is it possible to take a razor slit it reseal it? Thoughts?


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When I first got my RV I had a half dozen bubbles about 3-18" long and 1-3" wide in the EPDM roof. I'd read Liquid Rubber would glue those back down and they did. I didn't cut them, just applied liquid Rubber over them (and the whole roof). That was 10 years ago and the bubbles haven't come back.
I'll nit-pick a little and say your roof can't delaminate because it was never laminated in the first place, but I suspect you just mean it is coming apart. What you are showing is called a "bubble", i.e.air trapped between the rubber skin and the luan substrate. Yes, if you want you can slit it and insert some EPDM rubber adhesive under it to glue it down. Then close the slit with a lap sealant or roof tape such as Eternabond. It's not really necessary, though, unless the bubble continues to spread. And if it does spread, you should probably investigate why. Water intrusion from somewhere, maybe?
When you cut the EDPM you are making a possible future leak so I would hesitate to do that. In looking at the picture you posted, I can't tell how long that bubble is. Tell us a bit more about it.

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