Roofvent replacement

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Sep 13, 2018
Hello Community
I have a roofvent that I?m replacing. The old lid is cracked and the
Hand crank is broken off.
I got a replacement unit from the wreckyard.
Instead of replacing the whole medal casing (swuare), I was hoping to just use the
Mechanism, crank and lid. Inside the crank handle there is a small screw. In hopes that this would allow the
Handle to come off, I undid it. Problem is that the crank will still not come off.
I can?t get to the mechanism as the bug guard is inbetween.
Do I have to replace the entire medal casing or was my plan of approach right?
How then would i get the crank off to get psdt the bug guard?
Thanks for any advice.

Lou Schneider

Site Team
Mar 14, 2005
The screw in the middle of the handle holds it on, once the screw is removed the handle should come off unless someone glued it in place.

But before you go too much further, compare the hinge where the cover attaches to the frame between the new and old lids. There are several different types and mixing parts won't work unless they're the same.  Likewise for how the lift gear mechanism attaches to the cross brace.

If it was me, I'd just remove the whole vent and frame.  Scrape away the putty or sealant on the roof until you can get to the mounting screws and remove them, then use a knife to score the sealant around the edge of the frame.  Then insert a putty knife under the lip to work it free from the putty holding it in place.


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Apr 22, 2012
Wherever we park it
What Lou said, it is an easy job and the vents are not very expensive.  Only thing I would add if you go the replacement route, some times it is possible to access the screws and remove them through the sealant, but if not when scraping away the sealant, be careful not to cut into the rubber roof.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
The handle is probably just stuck in place and needs some extra oomph to break it loose once the screw is out. It's on a splined shaft, so either corrosion or damaged splines can make it hard to get loose.


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May 29, 2018
A replacement lid is $15. Its $30 if you want the Camco "unbreakable" ones with a 5 year warranty. Again, you will have to match the hinge to the style that you have. In order to replace the lit, you will have to remove the mechanism, which is under the big screen, so you will have to remove that too.

I just helped my father in law do this and it took about 10 minutes each.

-Remove the crank (Yours likely needs a vice grip clamped on tightly and a good yank. You can tap it lightly with a hammer to loosen it if you want)
-Remove the trim/bug screen
-Remove the screws holding the mechanism in place
-Detach the mechanism from the lid
-Go on the roof, slide the old one off (sometimes they bend the outside ear to keep the lid on)
-Slide the new one on, then put all of the parts back on in order of how you took them off.


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Oct 4, 2007
Removing the bug screen on mine required removing the inside trim from the ceiling, not difficult, but just one more step. I would replace the whole thing, just as easy and all parts will match up.
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