Rookie 5th wheeler rubbed a tree branch

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Nov 8, 2017
Avon MN
so I rubbed a branch. The trim along the sidewall to roof was damaged. Not torn off but disturbed. The little gutter that channels the runoff also damaged. The joint between the trim and the roof is intact, all contact was from the side. I caulked anywhere the trim or gutter appeared displaced or damaged. Wondering if I should also tape it. Any advice would be appreciated.
damage pics. worst is at the trailing end. also some scuffing of the paint. no tearing of the decals. will the scuffing be helped by using automotive rubbing compound?

thx to anyone offering advice.


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I took the liberty of photo editing your pictures some since they are so dark that it is hard to see the damage. 1-a.jpg1-b.jpg1-c.jpg
The only damage that I can see to the EDPM is minor and near the rear corner. There are roof repair kits for that and If it were mine that is what I would use on it. The plastic insert of the trim is also available and not too difficult to replace as long as the metal isn't in too bad a condition. If it is, the metal part is also available.
Hello oldryder. We had a similar what we call an "oops" when a tree in our driveway attacked our TT. We didn't think the damage was that significant but we called our insurance company and they decided to replace the entire roof.
I had a similar oops when a tree branch attacked the roof of my Damon motorhome. I patched it with Eternabond tape and the repair was still holding when I sold the rig 5 years later.
thx everyone. I have learned mishaps with tree branches (especially for rookies) are not uncommon. Also learned there are very good products for effecting repairs.

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