Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

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Feb 19, 2018
Teddy Roosevelt National Park, the South Unit, only gets one star from us. No Dump, Dry Camping, First Come First Serve unless someone made a Reservation, so many site sat empty for the two days we where here. The lane around the camp ground is not trimmed for big rigs. If the old banker comes in with more rig than he can handle he will get a limb. Grass and brush around camp site is rough and not trimmed back, so you have to step out of your rig into the tall stuff. Read More:url][/url]


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Feb 19, 2015
Crestview, FL
When we were there last year, we opted to stay at the Medora Campground because of the size of our rig.  Although it was somewhat expensive, and the sites were narrow, at least we didn't have to contend with unruly vegetation.


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Apr 22, 2012
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Gee, we had a different experience when we were there a couple weeks ago and loved our stay.  We arrived on a Friday and the CG was full, so we stayed one night at Sully Creek State Park one night and returned on Saturday to find they had two sites available for our week stay and the CG was full most days of our week stay.  Not sure what you mean there is no dump, unless you are referring to a dump at the site The CG info on the website indicates they are dry camping sites with no hook-ups and most national park CG's are either first come first serve and/or reservation.  They do have a decent dump at the exit though and there were water spigots a plenty through out the campground.  While I saw some big rigs in the CG in sites that looked plenty sufficient, as an example there was a 40' plus motor home in the site next to ours with easy access in and out, though some of the spots we saw were tight for big rigs.  While we have a truck camper so getting in spots is rarely an issue, the very nice CG hosts at check in offered to let us drive by the two CG sites available before paying to see if either would work for us which we did.  Maybe it was just me but for $14.00 a night, $7.00 for us with the senior citizen discount, I thought it was great value.


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Aug 12, 2018
A few weeks back we found only a few empty spots in the South Unit, with all filled by nightfall. Big-rig sites by noon. The North Unit rarely fills, according to the campground attendant. So we did our 'long haul' to the park to spend the first night in the North Unit, then hopped down to the South Unit early to catch a site there.
It IS 'rustic', but we are happy to see it that way. Some of the 'drive-thru' sites are little more than pulling off the campground road, but when a bison walks down the road (like one did the night we were there  ;D ) it's not so bad.

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