route to cherokee north carolina

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Jun 12, 2005
We are new to rv'ing and want to take a trip to Cherokee NC over 4th of July.  We are coming from Indiana.  We hoped to avoid driving through the National Park with out 35ft 5th wheel.  Does anyone know of any other routes that will bypassw the National Park?  Thanks for the help!


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Mar 8, 2005
jenandbilly -

It's unclear from your message as to whether you have been to the area before. You are wise to avoid trying to drive thru the National Park. Rt 441 is a narrow, steep and windy road. Also, avoid Rt 19 thru Maggie Valley. Again a very narrow road with lots of hair pin turns and steep grades. Consider taking I-40 East and using Rt 74 south from I-40 exit 27 in NC. The road starts off as a very good divided highway and continues down to the area of Cherokee. You can then pick up Rt 441 and head up into the reservation.

Good luck and safe travels.

--  RayB  --


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Mar 7, 2005

Another reason not to go thru the National Park is that there are a couple of tunnels along with the very sharp turns.  When we asked at the Visitor's Center about driving a motor home that way they really couldn't give an answer.  They did say that to be on the safe side not to take the motor home that way and our coach is 38'.
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