RV ceiling cleaning/ water damage

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May 31, 2024
What is the average cost to get my rv carpet ceiling cleaned. Water damaged the carpet ceiling from leaking roof. I had roof repaired now looking for someone to restore and or remove stains from ceiling.
Good luck! The water soluble glue used can be a real bear to work with; adding water to clean the ceiling "rug" might be counter-productive.
I contacted 3 different carpet cleaning companies, none would touch the ceiling.
I've resorted to cleaning it by hand, using Foley carpet spot cleaner and clean white towels to wipe off the foam after it's done its job. When used as directed it does an great job without getting the carpet/rug wet enough to promote bleed-through.
For really bad spots, wipe outside>in to prevent spreading the spot.
I had the same problem. Used the BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, going over and over the stained areas. After going over the stain areas several times, the stains came out completely and have not returned....though initially the ceiling staining was fairly minor. I agree with Ray that most cleaning companies won't risk doing RV ceilings. I recommend doing it yourself if you can. Start with a small area to make sure you are not doing more damage and making some progress taking the stain out. Then repeat and repeat until the stains are gone.

Too nebulous a question. No pics, no ID of what equipment and certainly no clairvoyant members that can determine the extent of the damage under existing flooring/coverings.

OP needs to get three quotes from reputable (oh, sorry, I'm talking RV services) companies to learn what the pricing is for OP's area.

"Roof repaired" is not that same as ceiling repaired (as pointed out by, well-respected @Ray-IN, above.
The ceiling fabric can usually be cleaned with a bleach solution & mild detergent. Rub with a sponge or soft brush and then blot as dry as possible. If you have access to an upholstery cleaner such as Bissell's Little Green Clean Machine, that usually works well. There are several videos on YouTube with advice. cleaning rv ceiling carpet - Google Search

If you can't do it yourself, try a local handyman or cleaning services. You will probably have to show them the technique/videos and agree that they aren't guaranteeing the results. In other words, y are just hiring their labor.
My little Green machine and Folex working slowly and with clean dry cloths got the dirty stain we had on our Class c after a a/c seal failed. I was sure it was going to be a real mess, but worked slowly and a small area at a time and it came clean. I suppose if we had paid someone by the hour they would have worked maybe 3-4 hours total, but it took me 2 days.
No idea of stain size or density but I had a small stain around the shower skylight after it cracked. One tip I read online was to use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and apply it sparingly and scrub dry with clean paper towel. Then let it dry a day before doing it again. If you use too much liquid more stain will wick through as it dries, so several light cleaning cycles is better than one heavy one. Took 4 or 5 passes at it but it all came out.

Mark B.
Albuquerque, NM
It will depend on what caused the stain. If the stain is from the luan underneath the ceiling fabric getting wet and staining the fabric, putting more liquid onto it will only make it worse. You will have to very lightly spray whatever you are using to make sure you do not saturate the area and allow the liquid to once again permeate the luan.

I lost part of my roof filon during a cross-country trip in 2021, and by the time I got home, we had run through two very bad storms that caused the ceiling to leak all the way through. This stained the fabric quite badly in several areas. I waited until the roof was completely repaired and no mold was found before I started trying to get the stains out of the ceiling. With a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water, I got most of them out with several applications. I found that rubbing the material can make it worse because you are pushing the liquid through the fabric and onto the luan. The best way I found that works was to very lightly spray the area and let it dry without touching it. Then, go back and do it again as many times as necessary. I got most of my stains out this way. There are still some stains that are much lighter than at first, and I will treat them again in the hopes of them coming out completely.
I think Mark gave practical advice. Basically a mild bleaching agent, sparingly applied and blotted dry. For tiny spots, use a Q-tip dipped in peroxide or dilute chlorine bleach. For bigger spots, a pat with a dampened color-free pad or use a fine spray. Let it sit briefly than scrub or pat Pat as dry as possible.
Speaking of Peroxide (Active ingredient in QxyClean spray) I have a bright yellow winter coat. purchased for visibility when working outdoors Got in 2022/3 Well Back then I worked on my own car and some other things and the coat got a tad...er.. Grease stained. Finally took it to my local Dry Cleaner's last week. She soaked in OxyClean (if I spelled it right) (Proxiide) Did not quite get all of the stains out but... I got to look to find what's left.. From a distance it looks bright yellow new.

Impressive stuff. I use it for "non chlorine bleach" jobs here myself.

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