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Chief Dave

New member
Aug 25, 2006
My wife and I are currently considering purchase of a 2006/2007 Monaco Knight.  We are currently dealing with Stolzfus RV & Marine in West Chester PA.  We meet the owner, Earl, and Tony Paolino, salesman, at the Concord FMCA convention. Since we are spending significant funds on a new RV, I am interested in anyone that has purchased or has had service with this dealer.  I'm sure we will have some problems, hopefully small ones, with our new RV.  I hoping that this dealer is customer friendly and stands behind their products.  We considered many coaches but selected the Monaco Knight based on inside/outside storage, 330 Cummings and hauling capacity of the couch, and additionally overall construction. We have toured the Monaco factory in Indiana as well as the Fleetwood factory in Decatur IN.  We recently attended the FMCA show in Concord and drove a Monaco Knight.  We were pleased with the 8 air-bag ride suspension and the overall handling of the coach. 

Has anyone had dealings with Stolzfus? 



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Mar 4, 2005
Hi Chief,

I have no dealings or experience with Stolzfus, but I would not buy any coach if I could not get factory delivery. When delivered at the factory hang around there till you have tried everthing and are 100% percent satisfied. Then make a week trip and if anything needs corrections go right away back to the factory.


Jim Godward

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Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon
Since you are looking at a Monaco and live fairly far north. Be sure and check the inslulation in the bays and especially the water bay.  A friend of ours left here in MT when the temps were below freezing and froze the water lines and filters in the bay.  when we were checking it out, I found only about 1/4" or less sheet of plastic in the water bay for the floor.  Nothing else.  BTW, he has the diesel fired heating system but there is no heat in that area.

I was surprised and maybe his MH was unique but check to be sure.

I have a Dutch Star and nearly froze mine and I have about 1" of foam insulation in the bay floors.  I am adding a heater to prevent an occurrance. 
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