RV insurance for a mixed American - Belgian couple

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Dec 18, 2012
I have a question concerning a possible RV insurance.

My fiancee and i are in kind of a special situation.  We want to buy an RV next January to do a 3 month RV trip before our wedding.

But, and this is where it gets special, I am a Belgian, living in Belgium, and i have a Belgian drivers licence, not a US one.

She is an American, living in Nashville, with a US drivers licence of course.

Apparently, if we would have been both foreigners it would be no problem.  And obviously if we would have been both US citizens, it wouldn't have been a problem too.

But the fact that we are a mixed couple seems to make it impossible for us to get an insurance so we can both drive the RV....

Any ideas on ways arround this?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Just a possibility...

Tennessee has a temporary driver's license that might work for you.  Most insurance companies would insure the MH if it is in your fiancee's name and most insurance policies will cover any owner authorized licensed driver.  You might first approach various insurance companies to see if they would have a problem with your temporary DL.  If you can find possible coverage then apply for a temporary DL.
Thanks, but for the temporary licence you need to live in Tennesee.

I don't.  I live in Belgium
Find an Independent Insurance Agent, one not affiliated with a specific insurance company.  I'm sure there are companies that will cover you and your fiancee.  Insurance companies tend to specialize in areas.  Some will not be able to insure you because of their underwriting restrictions.  Others will not have a problem.  This is an example of when an Independent Agent can be helpful.  They represent several insurance companies and if none of there regular companies can insure you, they may know of others that might.  If they can't help, find another. 

If the RV is in both names, then I suggest you disclose that.  If so, the insurance company will want drivers license info on both you and your fiancee, if you both drive.  If the RV is registered only in your fiancee's name, the insurance MAY apply to you.  Then again it may not.  You will have to check with your insurance company. 

Normally insurance will cover anyone driving an insured vehicle with the permission of the owner.  However, insurance companies will ask for information on all drivers in the household.  This is where it gets tricky and it is possible, if your fiancee purchases a policy in her name, and fails to include you as a driver when applying for insurance, the insurer could deny a claim resulting from an accident when you are driving.  Do not take a chance.  Insurance policies are not uniform.  They vary in insuring agreements, policy terms and conditions and you will need to ask your insurer to be certain both you and your fiancee are covered.  The cost for the insurance may be higher but not necessarily so.  Good luck and enjoy your travels. 
JelleVa said:
Thanks, but for the temporary licence you need to live in Tennesee.

I don't.  I live in Belgium
But, won't you live in Tennessee when you buy the MH?  As I read from the website, you need to show where you are living and basically show proof you are legally there.
the applicant will be required to provide the department with proof of temporary legal presence and authorized stay in the United States
This would seem to imply a hotel or any local residence might qualify along with your visa and other indentification.
garyb1st said:
Wendy, if I spent 3 months in close quarters with my x-wife before we were married, I'd have one less child and a whole lot more money.  :)

Which is why they should get married first. Besides it being easier to get RV insurance as a married couple :)

JelleVa I believe that if you obtain and Internation License there before you come to America that will solve your license issues.
A little background .... my wife and I came to the USA 8 months before we were married. We subsequently obtained California drivers licences (in 1980) and, over the years, we've had numerous relatives and friends visit for weeks to months at a time, and drive one of our vehicles. In each case, I called my insurance agent to verify that they were covered, and the answer was always yes;  The criteria was that they weren't permanently living with us, i.e they were "visitors".

Here's a suggestion that might resolve your issue:

If your fiance purchased, registered, and insured the RV in her name, you would be allowed to drive the RV as a guest/visitor, since technically you wouldn't be living  full time in her house. If it's important, you could always be added to the title (I.e. added as a joint owner) of the RV later, maybe after you're married.

Meanwhile, here's what I suspect is confusing the case you described. Insurance companies charge a much higher premium for someone who doesn't have a year's experience driving with a US license. In our case, the premium was doubled for the first year. An "international driving license" is nothing more than a translation of your existing Belgian license, and does nothing to solve the issue. In fact, some states, such as California, do not recognize an international license. If you were both legal owners of the RV, only one of you would meet the 1-year requirement, and the insurance company wouldn't know which of you to use for the calculation of the premium. Being married or engaged would change nothing as it's not a factor in calculating the premium or determining eligibility for insurance.
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