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Jul 4, 2005
Greetings from a fairly newbie full-timer...a whole month now!  We are getting our insurance through GMAC, as we were told that the coverage for full-timing could be a no-no under normal vehicle insurance companies, just wondering why that is? I think what we have now is good insurance so unless I hear elsewise, gonna stick with GMAC. The place where we got the insurance was in FIfe Washington at Campworld, as they also advised us to be-ware of this escapee thing from texas, as they try to convince people to change over to being a resident of texas.  Happy trails...Prairie Dan


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Feb 1, 2005
Fulltimer insurance is a combination of home owners, vehicle, and liability insurance.  Only a few companies offer true fulltiming policies.

Escapees won't try to convince you to become a Texan, but if you do decide that's the best choice for your domicile, they have all the information to make it as easy as possible.  If you aren't already Escapees, please investigate the services they offer (www.escapees.com) and decide for yourself.  However, nearly 100,000 RVers, many of them fulltimers, have decided that the Escapees is one of the best values available.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Wellll, I wouldn't believe everything a Camping World salesman told me either. Especially one that was selling insurance!

There is nothing particularly wrong with GMAC RV insurance, but there are several companies offering full timer coverage, including a few general vehicle insurers.  But generally you will be better off with a company that specializes in Rv coverage and you should shop several of them before renewing your policy next year.  Rates and coverages will vary substantially according to your particular circumstances and the state where your vehicles are registered (which pretty much governs which states insurance laws and rates you fall under).



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Mar 3, 2005

I just looked at GMAC insurance offered through Monaco's name or the Good Sam club's name and they do have a true motorhome insurance policy at least for part times.  I did not check re full timers.  They also offer a 20% discount if you pay the entire bill up front, no installments.  If you have a Monaco, with seat belts, there is a discount for that too.

The bottom line was for the EXACT same coverage including special RV endorsements:

GMAC RV Insurance:  $1,586.00 per year

RV Alliance America (now AON)  $2,793.00 per year

If you call GMAC tell them you're Good Sam or Monaco so they use those rates.

I got the number from the Monaco LifeStyles magazine 1-877-999-7711, savings code MMAB.

Needless to say, I switched to GMAC.

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