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Michael Anthony

New member
Apr 14, 2013
Hi All,
I have spent most of the day reading the very helpful information here regards buying an RV touring and importing it back to the UK  ;D
I am planning to go to Florida to purchase my RV, something small on a Mercedes sprinter chassis with a rear bathroom.
I then plan to do a sightseeing tour for 12 months and also visit Salsa & Tango dance clubs along the way. I will be flying to Buenos Aires in the middle for 3 months as my US visa is for 6 months

One piece of information I can not find is how to insure the RV as a non resident.

If anyone can help me with this or has thoughts on my adventure I would be grateful.



[quote author=Michael Anthony]One piece of information I can not find is how to insure the RV as a non resident.[/quote]

Hi Michael, we have a list of some of the RV insurance companies with links to their web sites - click the Resources button above and scroll down to RV Insurance. Here's an extract from the Insurance section of our library file Guide to buying an RV In The USA:

"Insurance for newcomers to the US will be expensive, mainly because you won't have a driving record here. However good your driving record back home, it won't count when you apply for insurance in the US."
If you buy from a major dealer like Lazydays in Tampa (FL), they have their own finance and insurance specialists and are well-experienced in helping visitors to the US get documents and insurance. As Tom says, the cost is not very reasonable, but until you get a record established here, you are pretty much stuck with it.
Thanks for your answers.
I did not see the drop down menu on the resources page first time round, sorry.

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