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Mz Chaos

Oct 22, 2012
New to site...
New to Rving...
Not so new to camping.

How new am I to Rving??? Well... I'm in the process of finding my first (and hopefully my last) RV.

My story:
There I was... messing around on another type of forum (not even close to a dating site)... minding my own buisness... when I see an interesting signature on the poster above me and PM him to comment on it... one thing led to another and... fast forward six years... I'm in Ohio... that encounter that prompted a move across the country crashed and burned 5 months after I got here.
Having spent everything I had, I was forced to remain here.  Friends back home took pity on me and after a couple of years of them insisting and me resisting, I finally took them up on their offer of help and accepted a loan large enough to buy a cheap RV, a trailer to haul my car and the gas to make it back west.
However, because of my fixed income and the way the economy is... the RV is to become my new home for a time.
When I hit a snag on an intended RV park (snag = huge increase in space rates), the same friend who loaned me the money, suggested I find a forum such as this for suggestions, hints, tips and the like.  She is a very wise woman.
I haven't looked through your/our forum yet, but I am hopeful to find out all there is about living in an RV (including the do's and don't's - if there are such things).
Camping... I have all that down after living in WA for 13 years (10 of those years being spent in a cabin with no running water, no electricity and no indoor plumbing).  The way I looked at it is that the only difference between living that way and camping was that my tent was wooden and not canvas.  I learned all the little tricks of living remote while still having conveniences (Things like; I had no idea until then that they made butane curling irons; with an inverter and telephone lines was able to run a laptop connected to the net and an old 11" B&W TV and a VCP can be connected directly to a 12V car battery).
After living in the woods as I did, I expect RVing to be a lot less physical and a lot more comfortable.
My thing is trying to find year round campgrounds with long-term affordable rates... figuring out what in the dickens WIFI is and how it works and where and how I can connect to it so I can be connected on the road... how to access television and/or cable/satellite for those favorite evening shows and stuff like that.
I am hoping that this experience proves to be affordable so that I can keep it up for a year or two or three or even longer. 
I used to think that RVing was just for vacationers but more and more I keep hearing that it can be a way of life.  I would like to explore this and see how things work out.

So... here I am... a new member of your forums.

Teach Me, Oh Wise Ones.


New member
Oct 22, 2012
Southern California
What are you looking to spend on space rent and where do you want to spend it. I'm down in Southern California and space cost can run from high to way to high. Full time RV'n is on my list of things to do all I have to do is convince DW.

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