Ryde Ride air bag replacements

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Mar 11, 2011
Bronson FL
I am not sure if the airbags have ever worked since we got this RV.  Earlier in the year when I went under there to change the oil I noticed that the front airbags were both blistered.  I got out the compressor and tried to air them up, both leaked instantly with loud hiss.  I ordered replacement bags and waited a long time because I also ordered a fan that was back ordered.  I called up Etrailer and asked that they send the air bags separate since they were in stock and I had time to install them.

I reviewed the install instructions so that I could take them off the RV them take them apart and replace the bags.  I got all the bolts off one side and noticed that one was missing on the top bracket on the outside the frame, but with all the other bolts off the brackets wouldn't move on either side.  I got out from under the RV and looked in the wheel well and found that instead of drilling a hole in the frame for the upper bolt (only one that needed drilled, on both sides) the original installer decided to weld that part of the bracket on, same for the other side.  I decided that I was going to grind the welds down to get the brackets off.  Before I did that I decided to drill the hole that was supposed to be drilled on both sides, before cutting the brackets off.  It was impossible to replace the airbags without getting the brackets off, and I wanted it done right in case I need to replace them again. 

The air bags are near the exhaust and that is why the old air bags blistered.  I bought some 1ft long heat shields from DEI. and installed them on the exhaust while the air bags were out. 

Once the air bags and brackets were off the RV, it was a simple job to take the assembly apart and install new air bags, then re- install the assembly back on the RV.  Took 8 hours overall.  mostly messing with the heat shields, and cutting the welds.  I think I could have done the job otherwise in about 4 hours, 2 hours a side.

I am a bit surprised that the bump stops are still in decent shape.


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