Sanity check for first hitch for first trailer!

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May 25, 2017
I have read bunches of library links and other things.  Just looking for an extra pair of eyes before I get a hitch!

My new trailer is a Forest River 273QBXL with a 700 lb tongue weight and GVWR of 7700.  I'll be pulling with a F150 (all the payload and weights are within range with some wiggle room).

This Husky Center Line 32217 seems like it would do well and looks to be on sale for a great price!  It is rated for 600-800 tongue weight and max 8000 lb gross vehicle weight.

I was also looking at a e2, round bar, 10k, with ball for $433 but it seems like the husky has better reviews in general and is a much better deal right now.

Thoughts?  Should I maybe step up to the Husky 32218 which has a good bit more capacity for only 20 more dollars and 6 more pounds?  I always like extra padding on things.



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Mar 10, 2016
We have the Husky 32218. I like it. I would step up to the 800-1200 unit. It is noisy on turns due to the design-it uses friction for the anti-sway but I do not mind that because it works! Solid built. You can make it easier to install/remove the bars by lifting the rear of the truck up further when secured to the ball with your tongue jack (don't go so high you lift the rear wheels off the ground or break traction-I do this with TT wheels blocked) Also consider removing the bars before final spot at campsites where your TV and TT are not level that cause your horizontal angle between the truck and TT to work against the action of the hitch (front tires of TV are higher than rear of TV).

I have pulled away from campsites when leaving in pre-dawn hours before installing the bars as the hitch up can also be noisy. I installed in camp parking lot or other location away from neighbors before hitting the road.


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
I can not speak to the hitch, but if the TT has a GVWR of 7700#, your actual hitch wt will be between 800# and 1000#, or roughly 10% - 13% of ACTUAL TT weight.  You need AT LEAST 10% of trailer wt on the tongue or you can get sway no hitch can overcome.  This should not change how to set it up or any capacity issues. 

I just want you to understand tongue wts.  The literature hitch wt is for an EMPTY trailer and has nothing to do with what you will tow!
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