Santa America calls for help

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May 4, 2005
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi folks, with your indulgence I am reposting this message which has recently appeared on our 'Santa's Across The Globe' list. I hope this reaches some folks who can find a way to help this very worthy group.

The following is an update on "Santa America" and its special nation-wide mission:Santa America is now up to 117 natural bearded Santa members and growing in 47 states and 4 foreign countries. See our website at:

In addition to our hospice and hospital visits, we are visiting over 1000 Katrina children..........most are in mental health counseling and some can not even tolerate the sound of running water. Special children requiring a special Santa visit.

Thanks to the efforts of Santa John near Kansas City, Kansas, Santa America received 2000 teddy bears from the citizens for KC and Overland Park, Kansas to distribute to Katrina children during our visits. Our local Mobile, Alabama TV station will cover the events and provide coverage for Kansas City TV and press. In addition, Santa Gary in Atlanta has referred several Virginia groups to Santa America with more toys and gifts in support of our mission. Santa America is helping special needs children and families nationwide!!

Santa America is increasing focus on fund raising and preparing for its first annual Training Conference at Bayside Academy on Mobile Bay from 2/25-3/1/06. Bayside Academy is the premier college prep school in the region. They have given Santa America use of their entire campus for our Training Conference!! The entire community or Daphne, Alabama has embraced Santa America. Our Santas and faculty will be staying with area families during the conference. It is Mardi Gras season here during the conference and there will be time for all to catch some beads and enjoy this unique regional celebration!!

Santa America is seeking Santa members in New York, Mass, and Hawaii............or in any of the other 47 states!!! Please visit our website at: or call Santa Ernie at 251-626-6609.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Semper fi!!!

UPDATE: Just in case there are some folks who might doubt that Santa America is doing what they set out to do, read this article in the Kansas City Star:
"Thursday afternoon, about 100 children who lost all their toys in Hurricane Katrina received a furry gift from Kansas Citians. And that was just a start. In the next few weeks, more than 1,800 teddy bears and other plush toys of all shapes and sizes will find their way to children in Mobile, Ala."No apologies if you find yourselves reaching for the tissues.
Congratulations if you find yourself looking for ways to help the programs.
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