Satelite TV on A Stick

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May 11, 2005
Riverton (SLC) Ut
I have the old school Satalite set up for my MH. I take the receiver from our room and put in the coach and connect it to a dish on a stick or a small dish on a tripod. I bought a tripod from Camperworld that has the different angles and compass. However, I've only got the system to work once and that was when it was hooked up at my house.

Is there a trick to getting the angle right. Last time I tried I got the Azimuth (spelling???) for the zip code we were in, but I could never get a signal to the TV. I'm not sure if there is a step that I'm missing or if there is a trick to getting the correct angle? I would love to be able to watch a little TV during our trip this weekend when we're sitting in the desert and it's 100 degrees.

If anyone has experience with this type of system and any helpful hints I would really appreciate it.



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Feb 1, 2005
When I used a portable satellite antenna, I first got it level, then set the elevation using the builtin markings on the mount.  Then I would slowly swing the antenna in azimuth until I found the correct satellite signal.  Small adjustments in azimuth and elevation at that point to peak the signal is all that is needed.  The key is to be sure the mount is level.


Hi Shadowman

Use same system you do except the antenna is a Winegard portable that sits on the ground.

Probably trees aren't your problem! I've been to one place repeatedly and sometimes things just don't seem to work the same on each visit which leads to checking connections etc, etc and then just fiddling with bearing and elevation until it finally works. Once you do get hooked up calibrate the elevation angle with the info you get from the ZIP code, my Wingard was about 4 degrees off and that is enough to give you trouble. (An in-line signal detector is a help in most cases, but not all).

Regards from Memphis

Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Shadowman,

If you are not using a "marriage saver" you will have a very difficult time locating the signal. The "marriage saver" is a meter you insert inline with the LNB. It is much more sensitive to the signal than the satellite receiver. I find the elevation from the menu and set it on the dish. Then I slowly rotate until it picks up a signal. It might take several swings but it usually locates it just fine.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
One thing,,, Many sattalite providers use "Spot Beam" technology for selected channels (mostly the locals) and those will only work if you are "in your home area"

Your sattalite provider will be able to provide a nationwide "Local station" package, likely for one of four cities

Example,  No matter where I'm at I am supposed to be able to get Chicago stations

I can only get Detroit stations if in S.E. Michigan or the adjcent portions of Ohio and then only sometimes (Dayton is too far away)
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