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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
I get scam e-mails fairly often. I can't figure out why they escape through the filters, but some do. Most go right to the junk e-mail. Occassionaly I get one that grabs my attention. Which I suppose is the goal for these scammers. Anyway, enjoy. It will be in the junk e-mail now that I have shared a little scammer humor. Oh, I supposedly bought an iPhone 15 for $649.99.

"Exceptional job! The transaction associated with 347709#9L-378 has achieved a commendable milestone! On 2024, May 13, the acquisition was impeccably executed, showcasing flawless functionality in every aspect. Ensure to archive your transaction details with utmost care."
Ah well.. I donated some money to a local listener supported radio station the transaction was processed by METAPPGIVE via pay pall. and instantly additional transactions including around 1500 worth of airline tickets showed up on my card. That last one got declined (The bank did not believe it and ask me to confirm before they authorized) since this all happened in less than 24 hours and the notice of attempted fraud alerted me it's all been reversed or declined.

The owner (well owner's spouse) on that station is also connected to a string of listener supported stations that also use METAPPGIVE to collect donations via pay pal.. When I E-mailed him he said that they have had complaints of the same at that network.

Me Thinks they will be changing processors but in the mean time. If you donate via METAPPGIVE. lock the card 10 seconds later. Or use a pre-paid Visa to do it.
ED; a scam email made it past my filters last week by using a contact name in my safe list and the address of his email provider. It read genuine until the last sentence, which asked if I had an Amazon acct.
Aren't they ALL scams?

On my Mac I always open the sender address by right-clicking in the email (don't click anything else) - then I can see if the sending address makes any sense to me - often, that address has endings such as; .eu, Reward, .ca., .ca>, .ml, .ignite, statsperform, .click, and many more that contain variations of "ad - adclick, etc."

I also watch for those that have multiple recipients with variations of the spelling of my email address, such as @aol when my account is @gmail or different first names in a row... as those are simply random bots shooting in the dark trying to hit people's email addresses.

Luckily I can set up mail rules that search for those and send them to the trash without my intervention.

Meanwhile, I remain shocked at how intrusive the world has become with popup ads floating on all our screens, paying for TV subscriptions that happily ALSO pepper you with ads (ads used to pay for our free TV if you recall - now we pay to watch advertisements it seems).

Sorry - don't mean to hijack...
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I must be doing something right as I only get the occasional scam email, which usually goes straight to my SPAM folder. And I've pretty much completely stopped getting SPAM phone calls. I think that has to do with the fact that for two years every time I got one I added the number to my 'Reject Call' list and at last count (a couple months ago) I had over 300 numbers on that list.
It's not as bad as all the phone calls my wife and I are getting for these 3rd world country organizations wanting by buy my house and property!

And how about that same fire fighters organization that calls. We tell them over and over to remove our name from their list and they don't.

How about the latest, "Did you receive your new Medicare Card in the mail. If not, we need to verify your home address. Does 641 Maine street sound right ..... um .... I haven't lived at that address for over 15 years.

The first "tip" my Social Security and Medicare are all through Indiana. So, when caller ID shows the call is from Iowa, Florida, or South Carolina, well..... that's the first tip. Then....

They say, we have 3 address for you, which one is correct... I ask them, what 3 do you have .... Click.....

When I told them if my Medicare provider insurance people needed my current address, I'd call them and give it to them. I don't know who I am talking to right now, I think you are fraud ..... and then I get a "click".

Yes, lots and lots of fraud going on right now. When they call, I like to drag them along and give them a hard time until the hang up on me.

I also provide them a bogus phone number .... I assure them the better phone number to reach me is xxx-xxx-xxxx, which is the phone number for the local city police department for the city I use to live in ..... 15 years ago!

Works great!
I'm seeing something that I've not seen before. For example, documentation packaged with a product from a reputable company with a QR code to scan for something like a PDF manual, their home page etc. But, when I scan that code I get something else quite different. For example a promo for something like a music streaming service with form to fill out for credit card to accept. Huh... ?!? :rolleyes:
I got the your package has arrived at the USPS warehouse, with an invalid address, please call this number.

I unfortunately fell for scammer when I was selling a lens on craigslist, So out the lens and the shipping.

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