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Apr 15, 2017
I have owned two popups.  Best money I have ever spent.  Now that two of the 4 kids are out of college and just one at home, I'm ready to get back into camping. 

Seriously considering the Scamp 13 (based on my TV limits) - I think I can pull the 16 but the 13 is sure thing. These things are quirky, and it's sorta odd that they don't sell through dealers- making it impossible to see a new one, sit in it, and get a feel for the interior.  I realize that a camper the size of the Scamp 13 is small - you walk in and either sit down at the dinette or lie down on a bunk or bed.  That's fine for our style of camping.  We like the T@B campers, but we would like more sleeping options.  We typically do not cook in our camper, so we use it for pre-bed movies and games, and sleeping, and we are used to campground bathhouses. 

I'd love ANY feedback on Scamps, specifically:

how did the buying/taking delivery process go
what did you like/not like
anything you wish you had ordered on it after you got it home
anything you felt you needed to upgrade or after-market fix

all advice welcome.  Thanks folks!
13' Scamp. at least the one I owned, had a 10 gallon fresh water tank, no waste tanks, Sink and stove, space for a propane heater, Water was hand pump (I added an electric pump, push button for water, I also added a "City water" system I can describe if you wish, very simple single faucet)
No shower, No toilet (used a Cassette Toilet)  Bed/couch in front (i turned into two bunks) and the dinnette/bed in the back.. Not quite big enough for Wife and I (Neither of us are what you'd call petite) at the same time.

That sucker was a lot of fun though.. I added an Air Conditioner (Standard window A/C from Sears fitted into one of the front windows) and a few other things  Upgraded the electrical to 309 amps.  And more

The city water....

You will need

Two shower "Trim Rings" this is the chrome ring that goes over the pipe the shower head screws onto.. One standard water Spigot, like you'd have on yoru house.. A short 1/2 inch nipple, just long enough to go therough the RV's wall, a vaccume breaker (Screw on hose type) and a female hose to 1/2 inch pipe adapter

Screw nipple into faucet, apply one chrome ring face first, shove through proper size hole in wall, seal with GOOP and apply 2nd Chrome ring face out, apply female adapter.  Put vacuum breaker of spigot inside, use a short hose with a hand sprayer as a "Faucet" works great.  And winterizing.. Well just disconnedt and open the sprayer to drain hose.

What in the world did you need 309 amps for???

We loved our pop up, but not a Scamp, so I can not comment further.
If you like the idea of the Scamp also take a look at Casita's .  I don't know a lot about Scamp's but I seem to remember they had a big fire at their factory a 7-8 years back that almost put them out of business.
Not sure how much they cost, but I love the classic style of them. Not a fan of the modern TTs and 5th wheels. That 19ft aint too bad!
I think if you contact Scamp, they can put you in touch with some local owners who have agreed to let prospects look at their trailers in exchange for a smallish payment in case you buy.
No help on the other questions. 
Good luck.
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