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The Johnstons

Aug 28, 2006
Owasso, OK
We are considering screened enclosures.  Do some campsites have restrictions about using them?  We are looking at the advantage or disadvantage of screen enclosures that either attach or are free standing.  We have found one company that manufactures a screen enclosure that attaches to the 5th wheel.  What reccommendations, concerns, or advice can you folks offer? Thanks for your help.

Thanks Jeff and Nancy
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Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Yes, some campgrounds restrict them - and any other form of tent or mat - because they kill the grass underneath. And some folks use them mostly for storage areas, which quickly become unsightly as well.

The ones that attach to an RV can be a pain to put up and take down, so most people don't find them convenient unless they plan to stay in one pace for longer terms.

If you are just looking for a screen room, e.. bug protecton, I would suggest an inexpensive standalone screen house. You will encounter restrictions on them as well, though.  It depends a lot of the type of campground and the grounds - upscale campgrounds that maintain nice lawns often prohbit that sort of thing.
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