SeaLand toilet wobbling

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Aug 26, 2008
Our SeaLand toilet has developed a wobble. It is at the floor mounting point. Can anyone tell me what to expect once I loosen the mounting bolts? I can't see anyway to access it from below. I can't even see where the toilet attaches to the tank. Does it have a seal or spacer between the toilet and floor? The tile floor feels solid around the toilet. The toilet is in a 1996 HR Endeavor DP.


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Feb 1, 2005
We just had our Sealand remounted for the same reason.  The floor underneath the tile was very soft as the flange had been cracked for several years and water had leaked out into the flooring.  The mounting bolts are held captive by the flange and the flange is one of several designs: pressed in, glued in, or screwed in.  Hopefully, yours like ours, was a screw in type.  However, due to the soft floor, a piece of plywood was mounted over the floor and fastened into good wood, then the flange inserted through the plywood and the toilet remounted.  You won't know exactly how bad it is until you remove the toilet from the flange.  It may just be a cracked flange and you can replace it without any further work.

Ernie Ekberg

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Mar 17, 2005
while you have that toilet out, you might clean all the parts and add a new floor gasket. There are rebuild kits for all these as parts can get coated with
crud and not seal properly. Or- the nuts that hold the toilet on the floor may have worked loose. when you get the toilet off- poke around the floor flange with
an ice pick. If you have good resistence- quite often you won't have any wood rot. If the ice pick penetrates the surface without much resistence- you have rot.
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