searching for a rv for 1/2 years travelling europe, 2 adults 4 dogs, any advice

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peter hunt

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Jun 27, 2006
never had a caravan  or motorhome before, spent years travelling Europe in  horse boxes,  now want to do a 1 /2 year excursion of Europe, or put it another way a long  holiday with partner and 4 mu ts. have looked at quite a few RVs think we know what we want ,know our budget, but bar that totally blind. have got lost in  the search any  help is very welcome. think we need 30/32ft. with slideout/s , what are the problems travelling Europe  in this size if any?.could we get away with a nonslide? dogs already pet passported so that is not a problem.have only talked dealers the main ones. what are the pitfalls buying privately and how do  you go about getting an in dependant survey on a private sale?.any advice is  most welcome from a complete and utter novice searching an area really no nothing about


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Oct 9, 2005
:) Hi peter hunt. We have spent the last 6 years travelling Europe/UK/USA. The first 4 years was in a 32ft RV. We had very few problems with the actual size. We never found the need for slide-outs as we don't often use a campsite. Usually we are wild-camper's (Boondockers in the USA). Our new-to-us Newmar has a slide-out and we have used it on occasion in the USA. But I doubt very much we will use it in Europe. Private or dealer? I bought first from a dealer. Never again. Ripped off BIG-time. I personally prefer to buy from the USA and ship it over myself to the UK. Happy RV'ing in whatever you choose?  ;)

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