Seeking Good Quality 5ft Loveseat with Recliner

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Hi, i am ripping out my old sofa (the old folding back type with storage under it).  I will be lowering the storage compartment under it enough to build a platform for a 5 ft sofa loveseat with recliner.  This one sits too low and its hard for me to get up out of it, i feel like i am sitting on the floor.

I thought about 2 recliners but thats way too expensive for me.  Its just me so no need for a sleeper.

Anyone replace their sofa of any kind and like the MFG of your new one?  Please let me know and ill check to see if they have one 5ft long.  I dont want a walmart brand as it wont last me a year, but i also dont want to spend $1100 on one either. 


This would fit but im not sure if i want faux leather or not... I have never had a leather sofa so i dont know what to expect.

well plus i dont want anything from china

I found that same sofa on amazon with horrible reviews, says it falls apart and rips easy.  I may be better off just calling around to furniture stores locally and see what they have to offer.



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Aug 25, 2017
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  We, recently replaced our hide a bed sofa, with a love seat recliner, center console. Purchased from Ashley Furniture. It easily separates into small components, so putting it into a camper is relatively easy.

  Not sure of it’s long-term quality, not true leather....looks like suede. I believe they have a very similar piece in leather.


MikeCoke - So you got rid of your storage there all together or was there no storage there to begin with ?



Oh ok, yeah i will need to decide if i want to totally get rid of my storage under the sofa or build alittle platform to set the sofa on which will give me just enough room to store the plastic tub with the garden hoses and stuff in it.  I need it to sit alittle taller anyway so its easier for me to stand up out of it.  So alittle platform might be the ticket.

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