Serpentine Belt 2001 Workhorse 8.1 Vortec

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Henry: taking a belt off is always easier than putting a new belt back on. First of all when you remove used belt and hold it up it is round. Take a new belt out of the pkg and hold it up, now picture trying to put that belt on by yourself. Mark is right, it often takes 2 people to put a new belt on. Picture holding the tensioner, holding belt on bottom pulley and putting belt on tensioner pulley. Have a friend close by if you do this by yourself. Now is the time to check all pulleys, any noise or looseness ALWAYS REPLACE.
That is a one person job, IF tape is used to hold the belt on the pulleys while sliding the belt on the tensioner.
Speaking of belt tensioners, a new belt should be accompanied with a new tensioner.

I have a 2001 Fleetwood Flair.
Best access for me was from the right side wheel well.
If you remove the tire it will allow easier access but can be done with the tire on. Just a little harder to get into position.
As others mentioned, replace the tensioner and other pulley at the same time.

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