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Aug 5, 2006
Hello all.
I am not sure how much sewer hose to bring with me.  I will be at the site for 5 mos.  Do I hook up Grey and black together with a 'Y' in order to avoid hooking and unhooking when emptying out?  Are alll sanitizers/deodarant the same?
Thanks for the help.  Getting nervous as I am leaving Nov. 1/06 for Texas. (first outing)
Leo :-\


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Mar 5, 2005

Not sure where the "site" is but there are WalMarts most everywhere.

You only need one, long enough to reach.  Until a kid on his bike runs over it.  I carry two in case one is not long enough.

The best sanitizer/deodarant is nothing!


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Since you mentioned a "Y", I'm guessing your RV has separate gray & Black drain connections. If so, a "Y" is convenient but not at all necessary.  You don't want to keep the black line open all the time anyway, so its simple enough to switch the hose to the black connection once a week to dump the black tank. No need to carry a second hose just for that.

As for length, a 10 foot hose is enough in some places but it is more typical to need 12-15 feet. All depends on how the site is laid out and where youpark on the site.  Therefore it is best to have either a single 20 foot hose or a pair of 10 footers with couplers to hook them together.  Drain hoses are available at Walmarts & K-Marts as well as RV dealers, so its no big deal to pick up an extra if you find you need it.

If you are living in the RV for 5 months, you will be putting enough water through the tanks on a regular basis that there should be no need for any deodorent/sanitizer stuff.  Few fulltimers use any of those products.  If you do choose to carry some and use it occasionally, please select a brand that does not contain any formaldehyde.


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Mar 2, 2005
SIERRA VISTA, AZ or on the road.
Suggest - like others here have - never use any chemicals in either tank.  Makes the smell worse.  The black water tank is just like a septic sysem.  It needs air and no chemical to work.  As soon as you stop the natural breakdown of the solids - the stink starts.  If when traveling and always after dumping the tanks do two things.  Put some water in the black water tank - just a gallon or so.  Second run water in the shower and sink traps.  The suction of the dump will often suck the water out of the traps.  Gray water stinks more than black.
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