Sewer release valve issues?

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Jul 25, 2006
Hi! I'm new here! I need help! Hopefully you won't smack me over the head?for asking a dumb question? :-*, but I need a little help concerning my sewer release valves. They are super hard to open and close and sometimes they stick. Is this one of those things where I just need to buy new valves, or is there some tip or trick to making them function better? We'd like to use our sewer hookups!

Thanks for your help.? :D
Not a dumb question; one that we run into quite often. On older rigs, the valves do become hard to operate. A little WD-40 or silicone spray worked into the operating shaft may help. Otherwise, replacement is in order. It's not a difficult job, but be sure to clean and drain your tanks thoroughly until only clear water comes out, before starting to remove them. Four screw and nuts and the job is done, and they're not very expensive. You could try applying a small amount of lubricant (something like chassis grease) on the valve gate itself once you remove it, but I'm afraid that would only be a temporary fix.
Thanks so much! I appreciate your help. Our rig is a bit on the older side, and we're doing some work to restore her, but we can't help going on camping trips while we're still ironing out the bugs. We call it 'putting her through her paces'. She's a really good little RV!  :)
If your sewer valves are plastic bodied, I wouldn't use WD-40 as the solvents may attack the plastic. I agree with Karl that the best solution is to replace the valves. There is no worse feeling than tugging on the tank valve of a full black tank only to have the stem come out in your hand. It's going to be ugly to fix then. At $9.99 each, that would be the way I'd go.
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