Sezure update.

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Conquest aka Robert

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Apr 24, 2011
Took son for follow-up today the EEG was positive for abnormal electrical activity. He is going to start him on Depakote 250mg for a week then move up to 500mg and we will see how it works. He said his type are heirdatary since his biological mother has them. He is to avoid strobe lights and bright sun without shades on. The thing that hurt him the worse was the Dr. said to limit screen time to 2 hours a day. :eek: All the  rest is the standard epilepsy precautions.
Thanks for the update.  Wish it was better news, but hopefully he can still live a very active life with a few precautions. 
Family group across from me has a 3 year old who checked into hospital yesterday.. They got one of the test results back (Normal) and he was telling me that was bad cause if it had been abnormal.. They would know what was wrong.. he has a point.

Now they can treat it. This is good.. Bad that they have to.
John I can understand that at least having results points the way to treatment. The not knowing the cause is almost as bad as the problem they are having. We at least now know what it is and can treat accordingly still SUCKS  :mad:
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