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Aug 19, 2008
shout out to les schwab tire center

yesterday as we prepared to depart our rv park in draper utah, i noticed that the passenger side rear tire of the car was very low. so, off to les schwab (1.5 miles away) we go. they got us in very quickly, got the two screws (unbeknownst to us) out of the tire, and got the tire patched. all of this was at NO CHARGE. talk about great customer service.

2x on what you said.  A screw inside my new Class A tire rendered it completely flat (and the beads off) right at the outset of a trip.  They came out with their mobile truck within an hour and got us on the road.
Discount Tire/America's Tire is another chain that offers free flat tire repairs, whether you bought the tire from them or not.  It's good public relations and gets you in the door ... if the tire isn't repairable they have first shot at selling you a new one.
I use Discount Tire but you got to watch some of the locations.  Some have a bad habit of saying any tire with a puncture is not repairable just to sell a tire.  I dropped one off with a nail in it and told them to fix it. Not in middle of tire but not in sidewall either. I come back and they had replaced it with out talking to me. I made them pull my tire back out of scrap pile, pull their new tire off, and I went down the road to a local shop and got it fixed for $5.

I tend to use Discount for new tires and local shops for repairs.



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