sizing a wdh when you dont own the trailer?

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Sep 6, 2018
Southern Middle TN
I've searched and not found exactly what I'm looking for yet. If I missed I apologize.

I am buying a tt that gvwr is 9680 so I'm trying to figure out what wt rating I need. Since I don't own it I can't get an actual wt, and even if I did it would be empty. If I don't run fully loaded it looks like I can get the 1000/10000, if I'm closer to full load I'd need the 1200/12000. The part that throws me off is the unloaded wt of the tt is 7600 so I would be way under the 1200 lb on the way home from the dealer and if I don't load much into it.

The dealer says the 1000/10000 is good, but he may be trying to keep his cost down since a wdh was included in the sale but did not specify what wt.

How critical is the hitch wt to capacity going to be, will it ride rough if I don'e have enough wt on the hitch?

thank you all for having such a great resource
Max your trailer should ever weigh is 9600#.  You will be fine and happy with 1000/10000.  I have a Reese Trunion type, separate sway control.  Works fine, little footprint under hitch.  If I had a redo, I would spring for the equilizer wdh hitch. 
It's not that critical and the actual amount of weight distributed is adjusted by putting more or less tension on the spring bars. A little extra is no worry, so go with the 1000 lb bars.

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