Slide creep fixed!

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Dec 4, 2013
I will try to make this as short as possible, but wanted to post as this may help others. The main slide on my 2006 Winnebago Journey suddenly started to creep out after it was retracted. ( We have a HWH hydraulic leveling system, which also operates the slides.) After hours of research, I decided it was a faulty extend solenoid. Now, we are 1400 miles from home and living in the coach for the summer. Dropping it off for service was out of the question, let alone finding a repair shop with an open schedule. This was going to have to be a DIY solution. In search of the part, I called the HWH company on May 25th and was placed on a tech support "call back list." After weeks with no call back, I continued to research and discovered Stuart's Service, Inc. I called them at 7:30am on June 15th, confirmed the solenoid I needed, and ordered it. The solenoid arrived two days later on the 17th. I swapped it out this morning and the problem is solved. A job I had been stressing about for a month took 10 minutes to complete once I had the part. I highly recommend Stuart's Service, Inc for any HWH issue you may have. Friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable service; like a breath of fresh air in today's business climate.
Stuart's Service, Inc.
2990 County Road 6 West
Elkhart, IN 46514

BTW, I had to move the coach twice with the slide creep problem, and I discovered if I released the pressure on the retract solenoid the slide didn't creep. Once parked, I tightened the release nut on the retract solenoid and the slide would operate. Sorry for such a long post, but forums like this one are invaluable to me when researching.

Larry N.

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May 26, 2010
Westminster, Colorado
Thanks for getting back to us with the fix -- it WILL help someone in the near future, and is a valuable addition to our database -- thanks.
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