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Jan 7, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hi all. Just going to throw this out there since I have already searched everywhere I can think of. The awning on my TT does not go all the length of the unit. I am looking to add a second awning to cover my outdoor kitchen, mostly for shade. Problem is that I have exactly 5 feet of wall to fit it in, and can't find one that narrow. Narrowest I can find is 5'5", not counting the mounting. Anyone know where I might be able to find something that small? Manual deploy is fine, even preferred so I don't have to run electric for it. If I can't find one, I can go with a pop up canopy, but would rather have one already on the TT. Thanks in advance for any leads.
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About all that I can suggest would be to replace the present awning with one that extends full length. It may be that the awning wasn't made to cover the kitchen to avoid problems that come from it collecting CO and CO2 from the burning propane of your kitchen stove.
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