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Aug 20, 2018
My Bride and I just bought our first ? home on wheels?; a 2006 Four Winds 5000 28-footer! We consider ourselves the ?Jethro & Ellie Mae? of RVing! We will be on this forum looking for wisdom many times, so here is my personal tip of the hat and Thanx for your advise ahead of time! Happy trails!
    Welcome to the Forum, there is plenty of room around the virtual campfire on Wedneday evenings if you want to join several of us who drop by to chat and make fun of each other.  There is a wealth of information if you use the library of the search function.

Funny you mention that cousins thing; us hillbillies might be related about five generations back! Explains some things about me that might become obvious later! LMAO ?
Hi and welcome.  I hope you enjoy your new rig.  Let us know if you have any questions and jump into the conversations any time....  safe travels.
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