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Feb 4, 2013
I have a class A newmar.... It's a 97... It sat for a while and it leaked around ac unit I believe... The ceiling panels inside are stained and the roof is soft in spots.... Is my best bet to peel the roof back and work from the top down?
I noticed you haven't had any response.  So I am going to take a stab at it and say I would start inside to see just what is damaged.  It sounds like you have looked outside on the roof already.  Any insulation that got wet and is damaged will need to be replaced.  As well as any wood roof ribs that may be damaged to the point that just drying them out won't do the job.  There is a mildew issue you may also need to address. 

Also, sometimes starting the work inside shows tracks to where the water in entering from if it's not obvious from the topside.  The soft spots in the roof is not a good sign.  But do not mistake the "soft spots" between the roof ribs on a metal roof as being soft spots.  You just need to know where to step.  My 1994 TT is that way.  Don't know if your Newmar is constructed the same?  The staining of the interior ceiling panels could be painted if not too bad.  The orginal problem needs to be solved first before any finishing touches are applied inside. 

Botttom line for me is the time elapsed since the leak began, the damage done over the years, any mildew issue needs to be taken care of, and roof structure needs to be addressed if damaged.  Not to mention the repair of the point of entry of the water on the roof.  Regardless of where it is.

Best of luck to you and keep us informed.
Sorry - I for one simply didn't see your inquiry until now.

I would pull the roof unit off as well as the interior section and start investigating. If the leak has gone on long enough that the roof sheeting (usually luan plywood) and perhaps the cross members are soft, they will probably have to be replaced. If the roof covering (probably EPDM rubber?) is peeled back carefully, you may be able to save it, but at that 16 years of age I would rather that was replaced as well. The material itself isn't that expensive and you are doing the labor yourself.
I think some manufactures roofs are softer than others, and my not be bad. I inspected a coach for one of my close friends last fall. His coach shows no signs of a leak ever,  but walking up there felt soft. My coach roof feels a lot stouter than his. Neither coach has any leaking problem, and both have rubber roofs. If it's only around the air conditioner where the interior damage is. It may not be damaged from the top. Is it sagging where the air conditioner is mounted? May be just a bad seal.
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