Solar Panels Installation

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Nov 17, 2010
Hi All,
I'm hoping someone can help me locate a member.  A while back I posted about looking to have solar installed on my RV and a guy named Wally responded that he did installations.  At the time he was going to be in Arizona but it didn't fit in with our schedule.  I thought somewhere I read that he actually lives in Oregon.  I am trying to locate him because we are now getting ready to add solar. 

So, if anyone knows who this Wally is or if you are Wally...can you please contact me?

Thanks so much,
Was it AM Solar in Eugene Oregon by chance?  I know they are full time rv'ers and like to get out and test run all their products.
Thanks to all that responded.  We've now been in touch with Wally and will be planning our install soon!
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