Solar System Design - Does this look right?

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Mar 21, 2005
I have been researching and researching to figure out how to design and install a solar system for my Montana 5th wheel - 3075RL. I have asked questions on-line, checked the manufacturers web sites, talked to installers and have come up with the following design. What I really need is for anyone with real experience in using solar power on their RV to give me their input. In advance I want to thank anyone who takes the time to responds. John Weber

My system design:
Solar Panels - (4 Panel system) 4-AM100?s rated under pressure at 4.54 amps and 21.5 volts with 44 cells,

Solar Controller - The Heliotrope HPV 30 with 500 watt solar input capability or the Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024i with IPN PRO Remote.

Batteries - 4 ? 6Volt Golf Cart Trojan T105 batteries mounted in a slide out tray in the generator compartment. Two T105?s are rated for 12V at 225 amp hours.

Inverter ? the pure sine wave Magnum MS 2012 with a 50 amp transfer switch built in. 

Battery Meter - I am still checking on the instrumentation. If the Inverter doesn?t have cumulative amp hours I will probably go with a Trimetric Battery meter as well. I don't think I would need this if I go with the Blue Sky Solar Boost because it has cumulative amp hours used on its monitor.

Installation: Wiring from roof to Solar Controller - Here I would bring the wire down the black water air vent pipe since I  my refrigerator is in a slide. The black water air vent is near the front of the Monty and exits the upper unit in the basement. I would come out of the pipe in the basement and the run the wire into the generator compartment from there. In the generator compartment I would mount the Solar Controller next to the battery bank.  I would then continue the wire from the battery bank through the sheet metal wall into the existing battery compartment where I will be mounting the Inverter. Somewhere here I would add the 500 amp shunt then wire into the Inverter. Right now the Shore power comes into this area because it is pre-wired for a generator and runs through a transfer switch. I would take out the transfer switch and simply attach the 50 amp cables to the Inverter. I would bring another line from the 500 amp shunt to the block where the existing battery is connected to branch off to three spots: the hydraulic pump, the jacks, and the main DC Panel. All of my monitors would be mounted above the thermostat inside and wired back to the appropriate components.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
SOunds fine - maybe even elegant. Whether it is sized properly for your needs is another question. Since you have researched the equipment thoroughly I assume you have also done a good job of estimating your power consumption and re-charging needs while off-grid.


Aug 22, 2006
Here's the one I have that all came in a Kit made for RV's.
Base plate, rotating motor, collector system, top plate, 304 stainless steel frame,
(2) 125 watt solar panels, 20 amp solar controller, remote system, 40' of wire,
3000 watt sine wave inverter, & (4) 6 volt batteries.
I had to ad another 4 batteries with a total of ten.
Mine is a bit differant as it mounts to the roof, but has a hand held remote.
It raises the panels to a max of 45 degrees, then you can spin the panels to
put them facing the sun. Then it will track the sun all day, and continue tracking
all night so it is in the face of the sun the next morning. 95% of the camping we
do is in the mountains with no current bushes.
The company I bought it from also just sells the frame if you already have your
own panels. Let me know if you want the website. Happy camping. 


Mar 21, 2005
I would appreciate the web site. Also, where did you buy your kit?

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