South Carolina-Specific Reservation Question

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Aug 5, 2010
Hi all...thanks for your time and consideration.

Long story short, if I book a South Carolina state park site for a day or two longer than I need it (because the availability is there right *now* and might now be in a couple of days), and I going to be able to call in and change that reservation later on like you can do on Reserve America (while paying a small fee)?

Or is there a chance that they're going to tell me, "Well, you aren't arriving on the first day of your reservation, so you must *cancel* and start from scratch? (At that point, all sites will be booked.).

Any experience/insights with South Carolina state parks would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)


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Jul 10, 2017
Ogdensburg, NY
You would have to call the particular park in question but generally -
  • Cancellations and changes are subject to charges based on the notice given. Changes are not permitted unless requested at least four days in advance for camping. Early departures are subject to cancellation policies. Transaction fees are non-refundable.
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