Space Center in Huntsville AL

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May 29, 2006
Has anyone ever been?

We're be driving by on our way home from Florida in October.  It's just my husband and I, would it be worth it?  Or is it really for kids?



Being from Huntsville, we were visiting family last November.  If you plan to stay in the RV park at the Space Center, they had problems with electrical.  If I remember correctly, someone told us the inside lots kept losing power.  We had an outside lot and DH noticed after we left that our 30 amp. adapter was damaged.

Depending on the size of your RV, Monte Sano State Park is beautiful and I would highly recommend it.  We stayed there a few years ago when we were pulling a 25' Airstream.  But call aheadfor availability, I heard last year they had put trailers in the park for evacuees from the hurricanes.

The park is heavily treed and there is a windy elevated road to get to it.  We have not attempted it in our MH but DH says it's o.k.
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